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Janet Haliday
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Since the beginning of my career, I’ve focused on combining crative content with consumer insight. Honesty and trustworthiness come hand in hand and have allowed me to become a trusted marketing advisor to small companies and Fortune 500 companies, NASA Space Station technology companies, Philadelphia physicians' medical societies, and regional medical practices. 

With a career steeped in creative traditional advertising and marketing, I bring a wealth of experience including producing and purchasing TV, Print, Direct Mail, and Radio. My designs produce high ROI marketing campaigns and content for websites, emails, & social media including Facebook, Meta, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 


Further expertise includes best practices for organic SEO, Google Search Advertising, B2B, and B2C marketing. 

I enjoy consulting advertising agencies, key stakeholder board members, and especially non-profit organizations. This website portfolio features some of my favorite projects.

Janet Haliday

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